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How to get 80% more enquiries through your website

By May 28, 2014June 12th, 2014No Comments

Why video is the new secret weapon for high converting websites (and why we love using it at eChimp)

Having a video on your website can increase the chance of people contacting you by 80%* or more. Why?

Today’s Youtube generation would simply rather watch, than read.  But most of all, nothing persuades people of all ages better than video.  Video converts higher than the best copy or photos ever could.  After all, seeing is believing.

If you really want to show off your business on your website and convert visitors into customers, you need video.

Does your website have any videos?

Show prospective customers inside your business with a short video about your company

A 1-2 minute fast-cut video of you and your team can work wonders to build trust and rapport with visitors – it’s like they are meeting you in person.

Do you have a video introducing your business?

Get your customers doing all the selling for you…use client testimonial videos!

If you try to just talk about your company in a video, often viewers’ eyes will glaze over.  All they hear is “sales, sales, sales”.

But when they see people just like them sharing stories about working with your company and the results they achieved, they perk up and pay attention.  They also buy it.  They can relate to it.

All of a sudden they believe in you and that you can deliver the results they want.

Are your clients doing the selling for you?

Don’t forget about photos though, as they are vital to making your site high converting

People are visual creatures.

Through eye tracking studies*, we can see that when people arrive on websites they usually skim read and the visuals are what capture their attention the most.

Quality photos, positioned correctly, are thus super important for engaging visitors and building trust.  So definitely invest in capturing quality photos of your team and your business.

Does your site have high quality photos of your team or business, or at least high quality stock photography?
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