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Are you losing 20% of your website enquiries because of mobile?

By May 28, 2014June 13th, 2014No Comments

Around 30%* of people visiting websites today are using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to do so.

That is huge!  Even crazier, it is expected to tip over 50%* in the not too distant future.  So soon the majority of your visitors will be using mobile to access your website and find out about your business.

Also, Google is now favouring websites that are optimised for mobile – so mobile matters for your SEO too!*

Is your website, and the information in it, designed to look good and be easy to access on mobile devices?

But what does ‘mobile optimisation’ even mean?

It simply means that a website is smart enough to resize and reshape itself to fit the size of the screen of the device being used to access it.

ie the layout changes, the menu changes, the text size changes etc.

The result is everything can still be easily found and read.

If you don’t go mobile, you’ll lose around 20% of your website enquiries…let’s explain

Google says that if people arrive on your site from their mobile device and it is does not display properly, 61%* will leave and turn to a competitor site.

Think about that for a second.

If 30% of your visitors are mobile and the majority will go to a competitor site if your site is not optimised for mobile, that means you are losing 15-20% of your potential online leads.

Throwing away business just because you haven’t thought of mobile is bad business.

Are mobile visitors able to use your site to contact you?

Are mobile dedicated sites worth it?

A responsive site that displays nicely on mobile devices is good enough for most businesses, probably including yours.

ie although a dedicated mobile site – a separate site designed just for mobile – would be great, it’s probably not going to offer you enough in extra return to justify the extra cost.

So our advice for most businesses is avoid spending extra money on getting a dedicated mobile site.  A responsive site will do fine.

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