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The #1 secret tool you can use to get more customers…our favourite!

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90% of people who visit your website will never return, unless…

When people arrive on your website for the first time, the vast majority (like 90%+) won’t be ready to contact you. Instead they are just collecting info and after 1-2 minutes they will click away.  Most will never return and you will never hear from them. But what if you could capture their details before they leave and then send them useful information which they love (and which in turns makes them love you)? Well, that’s exactly what email marketing is. The key to persuading people to sign up for your emails is to offer them something in return, eg a free ebook, a free report, a discount etc, aka a bribe.  Just saying “Sign up to our newsletter” won’t work.

Do you collect contact information on your site via an opt in form linked to an email marketing program?
Do you offer a ‘bribe’ in exchange for people opting in?

Email marketing’s magic trick #1 – warm up potential customers

An autoresponder is the single greatest way to convert website visitors into customers.  Nothing beats it.  But what is it? It is a program that automatically sends out a series of pre-written emails after someone signs up to your email list on your website.  It automatically shares useful information with them and over time builds up your credibility in the prospect’s mind.  Eventually they contact you. Effort invested in warming them up? Zero. It is the perfect salesperson for the 21st century.

Are you warming up prospective customers via an automated series of emails?

Email marketing’s magic trick #2 – engage existing customers

Sending out useful content to your existing customers every month or so, is a great way to stay front of mind.  And when you are front of mind you dramatically increase the chance of them coming back to your business and referring more people to you.

Are you emailing out useful info to your existing customers every month?
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