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Why 2 dentists think you need SEO marketing and the 5 point website checklist

By May 28, 2014June 12th, 2014No Comments

You might not think search engine optimisation (SEO) is that important…let’s meet 2 dentists

You can have a great website with great content, but if it isn’t optimised for search engines, it may never show up – and even if it does show up, it might not get many clicks.

And if your website doesn’t get clicked on, your potential customers will end up going with your competitors who do show up…higher.

#1 v #9Example – Google “dentist Brighton”

Click the image for full size version.

Why does it matter if you’re ranked #1 or #9 in Google?

  • #1 gets 32.5% of the clicks
  • #9 gets more like 2.6%
  • #1 is getting 10 times the amount of traffic
  • #1 is getting 10 times the amount of enquiries!

Source: Search Engine Watch

If you weren’t convinced about SEO before, you probably are now.

Who shows up in Google first; you or your competitors?

Before you go crazy with the SEO, you need to do some keyword research

Keywords by the way are what people are actually typing into Google, eg teeth whitening price melbourne.

If you know what your target customer is typing into Google it changes everything.  You finally know what content to create and what to optimise your site for.  You finally start showing up in Google!

Do you know what your target customer is typing into Google?

Are you optimising your site for those keywords?

The must-have super simple 5 point SEO checklist – make sure your site is optimised like this…

Content = the writing itself
  • Targeted keyword used throughout, but not overused
  • Related and associated keywords also used (smart move)
  • Unique content and minimum 500 words (preferrably 1000+)
Title tags = the title of the page / post
  • Relevant to page content – if they don’t relate, it doesn’t work
  • Most important keywords at front of title (very important!)
  • Unique title tags and under 65 characters
Meta description = the mini description you see in Google
  • Persuasive, unique to all pages and under 150 characters
URL = words that follow domain, eg /website-cost-australia
  • Optimised for keywords and very clear/concise
Site-wide = the configurations set in backend of website
  • Robots.txt file and Sitemap.xml file setup properly
  • Optimised for mobile and for speed (both increasingly important in Google’s eyes)

Are ALL the pages on your site optimised like this?  Email for a FREE expert analysis of your site.

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