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4 things your website needs to make visitors trust you

By May 28, 2014June 13th, 2014No Comments

It needs to look modern and professional…first impressions count big time!

Just as people judge books by their covers, they judge businesses by how their websites look.

If your site looks outdated, unorganised or very basic this reflects poorly on your business.

By contrast, a modern, clean, beautifully designed site conveys professionalism, quality and reliability.  A good looking site makes people trust you and this is what makes them contact you.

Does your website look modern and professional?

It needs to be super easy to use, especially for people who’ve never been to your site before

If people can’t find what they are looking for fast, they leave.  Simple.

A smartly laid out website paired with clean design, ensures they can access info fast and that they stick around.

Can people who’ve never been to your site before, find the info they need within 3-5 seconds?

It needs to have a strong focus on you and your team – people buy people

If you run a service business, you probably know people are not buying your services.  They’re buying you.

A smart website then, puts the people front and center.  By putting a face to the business, visitors can build trust fast without even meeting you.

Photos, videos, stories, bios…whatever you use, make sure people are the focus of your website.

Does your website show off you and your people?

It needs to be loaded with trust building indicators like testimonials

Finally, a smart website design will be loaded with elements that further build trust.

Think client testimonials, client logos, professional memberships, accredidations, case studies, media stories etc.

If these are used and placed in the right parts of a site they can mean the difference between converting a visitor into a caller, and never hearing from them.

Is your site filled with testimonials, logos and other social proof indicators?
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