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Why would any business owner want to setup their own website?  It sounds like a lot of work, sweat…and well, tears!

The answer is pretty obvious.  Websites often cost a lot of money to get setup, particularly here in Australia.  It seems designer glasses-wearing IT graduates from Melbourne University or Bond Uni say, won’t even get out of bed to make a website for less than a couple $1000!

How hard is it to DIY and how much money will you save?

Well, unfortunately there is no Bunnings for websites where you can go and buy all your goods (at near wholesale prices), and even get a hold of the step-by-step instruction kits.

Instead, you have to scour the net to find quite a few different things and then you need to learn how to use them all, and how to integrate them all so you end up with a live working version of a website.  But enough jimmer jammer, let me go through the process of setting up a website here in Australia from start to finish.

  1. Firstly, in order to set up a website you’ll need to jump onto a website like Jumba.  There you can buy your domain name (including and get website hosting setup (this is like the batteries that will power your website).
  2. Next, you’ll need to build the website itself.  Our advice would be to stay away from a complicated program like Dreamweaver for example.  Instead, you should setup an easy-to-use content management system like WordPress.  This will give you the foundation you need to create the website.  Think of WordPress like the Microsoft Office of website creation.
  3. Once you’ve installed WordPress onto your website, then you can start designing till your hearts content.

How long will all of this take?

If you just want a simple website with a few photos and some plain text (almost like a word document), you can achieve this in a day.

But if you want anything even slightly professional looking, you’re going to need to spend a couple days learning the tricks of designing a website.  Maybe even up to a week.

And I’m not going to lie, the end result even after a week of training is still not going to be particularly pretty.  Sure the website will look okay, but it won’t look great.

If you look at examples of websites we’ve built recently, you’ll quickly see that they’re quite complicated and the end product of 1000s of hours of learning and practice.

In order to execute well on this as a first time DIYer you’re going to need to devote probably about another week to learning the web game.

This all makes sense though, right?

DIY with a couple days work is always going to produce an outcome that falls far short of what someone who’s been doing it for years and years could achieve.

I mean, imagine one of us trying to fix a broken piping system versus a plumber with 10 years experience…I think we’ll fall a few feet short if we DIY it!

But what about the costs saved if you do bravely decide to DIY your website…surely that makes up for any short falling?

Quite possibly!

I think you’ll like this…

If you’ve decided to skip on the glasses-wearing web designer you won’t have to pay $2000+ for a web design.  Instead you will have set up your website for free!  Good work!

But you do still have to pay for domain name registration (say $12 a year) and hosting (roughly $220 a year for a business that doesn’t get too many visitors).

Still, you’ve saved $1000s!

Okay, before you run off to setup your own website let me show you something (I know this is going to make the decision to DIY hard).

What if you could get a professional web design company to setup a beautiful website for a good price?

Would you say goodbye to taking 2 weeks out of your time to setup your own website?

Well, it’s all possible.  And it’s what we specialise in…beautiful, but affordable websites.

We’ve spent so much time working on a way to make setting up a website with us as affordable as possible.

And now we’ve gotten to a point where it’s almost as cheap as DIY, and most importantly the end result is far superior to DIY and doesn’t require a busy business owner to take 2 weeks out of their lives to learn the complicated game of web design and online marketing.

If you’re excited by the prospect of getting us to set up your website then get in touch with us to chat about your project.

Thanks for reading!