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How many times have you been sitting at home and you jump onto Google to check out the menu of a restaurant you drove by the other day?

Well, if you’re a little chocolate-devouring buddha like myself, the answer is a lot.

What’s the first thing you usually see when you click through to the restaurant’s website?

A loading sign that slowly creeps from 3% to 5.5%?  Hello Flash based website!  You better put a pot of coffee on…this may take a while.

Or do you see a tiny box in the middle of the screen that contains the history of the restaurant in font 8 writing, and you’re meant to scroll within that box to find the freaking menu?

Oooh, maybe you get to one of those restaurant websites where all you get is a big huge photo and just the contact details of the restaurant.  Oh thanks, for that…very helpful.

Okay, let’s get my inner cantankerous old man out of here…

Either way, restaurant web design is pretty bad here in Australia

Whether you live in Victoria or NSW or Perth or Kalgooooooolie, it doesn’t matter.  The average restaurant has a bad looking and poorly functioning website.

Oh, and most restaurants don’t even have a website.

If you’re a restaurant owner without a website or with a poorly functioning website however, all is not lost.  You can get a beautiful web design for your business and you can get it without paying through the roof.

Here’s how we can help with your restaurant web design…

We specialise in web design for businesses that looks beautiful and is easy for visitors to understand.  That way when they get to your website they are impressed (already loving your restaurant) and they know where to find the information they want, eg the drinks list for example or your BYO policy (who still does BYO?!).

Beyond that, we actually have some serious expertise when it comes to designing restaurant websites.

Maybe it’s thanks to visiting a couple 1000 ourselves, or the fact we’ve made so many, but either way we know what you need to put on your restaurant’s website, how to design it and how to package it all up so it just works.

This means we can build you a perfect site.

Given a couple members of the eChimp team have families in the restaurant game, we know what you want

Web design for restaurants is also something we love to do, because we also have the capabilities to help you integrate DIMMI into your site so you can start taking bookings online.

DIMMI in conjunction with Restaurant Diary is a beautiful little setup and something we can work with you guys to perfect on your website.

If you want to speak with us, then feel free to get in touch with us here.

Of course, if you want to check out some websites we’ve already built to see if you like our design sense, then jump over to our examples page now.

Thanks for reading!