In this article I’ll show you the 10 ways your accounting practice’s current website is probably letting you down and costing you clients, plus I’ll show you how to fix them

If you are low on time or just want to sit back and listen to the 10 big mistakes, we’ve prepared this short video for you that goes through them all and shows you how you can fix these mistakes today. Just click the play button to start watching.

If you’re like most accountants, your website has probably been the last thing on your mind

Although you know it is important for bringing in new clients, especially warming up all those referrals, and engaging your existing client base, you can’t help but think about BAS this and Debit that.

But now is the time to do a quick health check of your site, see where the problems are and learn how you can fix them.  After you read this article and use the advice you’ll see;

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