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Setup Analytics

  1. Go to the Google Analytics homepage.
  2. Then click “Create an Account” and sign in using your Gmail login information. If you don’t have a Gmail account, sign up for a Google Account here.
  3. From then on Google will guide you.
  4. You’ll end up with two things; 1) a user number that looks something like UA-XXXXX-Y and 2) a “Snippet of Tracking Code”.
  5. Please email both to your project manager.

View Analytics

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This allows you to see your visitor stats in a browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.

  1. Simply visit Google Analytics homepage and then hit the “Sign In” button.
  2. Login using your Google Analytics account information (if you haven’t already registered for Google Analytics, register here).
  3. Once logged in you might get a message asking about submitting your mobile phone number to Google for “Account Recovery”. Click “No thanks, Continue”.
  4. Now you will see your Google Analytics Home Page (it looks pretty boring). But not to worry.
  5. Now click on the long piece of writing in grey. It will look something like UA-48763348484-1 –
  6. Now click on your website’s name (which just dropped down). It will look something like Your Website Name [DEFAULT].
  7. And you’re in! Learn more about Google Analytics here.
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You can download an app that allows you to check stats on your mobile device. Nice!

  1. The easiest way to view your visitor stats (and understand them) is to install an App on your iPhone or other smart phone.
  2. On our iPhones here at eChimp HQ, we use the app Analytics Pro by Thomas Blackburn. It costs a few dollars but is definitely worth it in our opinion for it’s ease of use. There are other free apps out there too.
  3. When you install the app on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc, it will ask you for your Google Analytics Account login information, ie the same info you need when logging into Google Analytics on a browser. Good news is that you should only have to enter it once when you first download the app.  After that you can access the app/data without a password.  Happy days!